About Us


We are The Art Neon, an innovative company offering LED neon lighting solutions. Founded in 2022 by two brothers in Seinäjoki, Finland, our company combines our passion for lighting and creativity as we continue to grow. Today, we have numerous partners and customers worldwide, including in Europe, America, Canada, and Australia.

Our journey began as a small startup, and thanks to our commitment to quality products and customer satisfaction, we have grown rapidly. The Art Neon consists of a creative and passionate team that turns personal and business dreams into reality. We continue to grow by providing our customers with eye-catching and high-quality neon signs that bring brands, events, or living spaces to life.

Our Mission and Values

- Our Responsibility to the Environment

Our responsibility to the environment is a cornerstone of our business. We strive to minimize our carbon footprint by using sustainable and eco-friendly materials. With our low-energy and high-efficiency LED lights, we offer environmentally friendly solutions.

- Our Responsibility to Our Customers

We aim to build lasting relationships with our customers based on trust and transparency. We provide only the highest quality neon signs that meet our strict standards of craftsmanship. Our customer service and after-sales support teams are always ready to ensure our customers leave each purchase satisfied.

- Our Responsibility to Art

We believe that neon signs are a timeless art form. Therefore, we work tirelessly to create the most beautiful and unique neon signs. We are committed to promoting art and creativity in every sign we produce.

- Our Global Vision

At The Art Neon, we aim to combine the best customer service with the most up-to-date and advanced products and technology on the market. Our headquarters is in Finland, and with our manufacturing facilities in China and Finland, we serve customers worldwide. We aim to have at least one sign in every country and strengthen our global relationships to achieve this goal. We invite our team members and community to join us on this journey.

- Illuminate with Us

We are a team committed to providing the best service at all times. With our high-quality, energy-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing LED neon products, we add color to our customers' living spaces and dynamism to their workplaces. With our creative designs, we offer solutions to suit every need and meet customer demands at the highest level. By leveraging the benefits of technology with our remotely controlled smart LED signs, we offer modern and innovative products.

Thank you for choosing The Art Neon. We are proud to light up your dreams! If you want to learn more about our lighting solutions or contact us for your special projects, we are always here.

With best regards,

The Art Neon Team

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